Top Reasons Caused Food Poisoning Abroad

• Contamination by bacteria in water and food that the local population may be immune to.

• Poor local sanitation.

• Poor hygiene by food handlers.

• Contamination by insects such as flies and wasps.

• Consuming contaminated food in restaurants with poor hygiene procedures.

• Overuse of facilities such as swimming pools and buffet restaurants.

• Ingesting contaminated meat, chicken, beef, pork and fish.

What Safeguards can be taken to prevent Holiday Illness?

Before you travel seek medical advice about any vaccinations that you may need. If you are going to an area affected by Malaria, you may need to take medication in advance of travelling

Disinfection tablets can be purchased in pharmacies and camp site stores in advance of travel and can be used to decontaminate water

It is vital to observe high standards of personal individual hygiene. Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet and after handling food. If you come into physical contact with an animal, again hand washing is a necessity.

Make sure any water you drink comes from a reliable source. Boiling water for 15 minutes is likely to kill the most dangerous of bugs. Try to stick to bottled water (that has not had its seal broken).Sparkling water may also be dangerous, particularly if served with ice.
It is well known that ice can be dangerous if contaminated water is used in its production or it has come into contact with human hands. Salad may also be washed in contaminated water and should be cleaned in treated water before consumption.

Preparing Food Guide

For those planning a long backpacking trip, you will need to consider both food and drink supplies for your trip. The most important way to keep energized on a backpacking trip is by the food and water that you choose to take with you. As a backpacker, it is essential to be aware of the most suitable ways of carrying, preparing and packing your food as well as taking a good balanced menu.

You often find that sometimes, packing food for you backpacking trip may seem like a lot of hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be if you follow this helpful advice to help make food planning easy and simple.

As the main goal with backpacking is to keep the weight down then plan to take food with you that is lightweight, easy to cook and durable. Food that is canned will keep for a long while and will be kept durable. Canned chicken and tuna of a favorite with backpackers and can be spruced up with other items to make them really appetizing. It’s probably not a good idea to take bread as it can be difficult to carry but crackers or tortillas are a great alternative. Take instant potato or cheese and macaroni. Dried meats are fine such as beef jerky. Go for healthy, nutritious food for your trip to keep you fully energized.

In order to make water safe to drink, you should be adding water treatment to it or even filter it. You can use iodine tablets as they are easy to use but can leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth. A better option is to add a sugar-free drink mix to the water. This beings the same benefits but you are not adding extra calories to the drink. You may need to filter your water whilst out on a trail if, for example, debris falls into it. You can use a clean bandana or cheesecloth as a makeshift filter.